North Wales Digital Consultant

In a world where almost every aspect of our lives is being connected with the digital world, the need for a Digital Consultant has never been higher. With the technological landscape constantly changing, many SME’s are being left behind by their competitors. With salaries starting from 50k, employing specialists for each of the digital roles is out of the budget for most small to medium-sized business. Smaller business, in particular, are often left feeling confused as to which way to turn, they simply don’t know where to start.

How can a digital consultant help?

A digital consultant (or digital specialist), to put it bluntly, is a ‘jack of all trades’. When it comes to all things digital, digital consultants can play a vital role in your business, helping you to find the best digital solutions possible, to drive engagement and customer retention, helping you get noticed in the tidal wave of digital noise.

Why me?

I have been supporting business for over 10 years developing digital solutions with service providers and partners giving me a unique scope of experience, I’m also a certified support technician. I will help you to audit your current set up including social media marketing platforms including your pay per click activity, IT infrastructure, telecoms and cybersecurity you have in place and identify scope for improvement.

Are you my next customer?

The type of consultancy offered by me is referred to as relationship consulting, providing ongoing digital support tailored to your business needs for a monthly retainer. Consulting is rarely ever a one-off job, and it is now more important than ever for digital consultants to work with a business long term, allowing for continuity and the ability to analytically track your progress and inform your long-term strategy.


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